1985 VW GTI First Year MK2 Production

Car has come a long way since We got our hands on it...This is Mike Hensil's 1985 VW GTI
Mike and us Installed
-New cyl head
-Short Shifter
-USRT Shifter Linkage Kit
-New Brakes Front and Rear
-Euro Frontend conversion
-Adjustable Coilovers
The car has a long way to go but Mike gave the ride some true potential

The Big Red Camaro 800hp 750tq

Its not everyday that a 800hp 1969 Camaro comes into the shop. I was excited to see the Wheels we would be mounting the tires on, and boy are they beautiful. They are hoping the new tires will allow the big red to achieve speeds of 230 MPH. Here are some cell pics i took at work of the wheels. Kudos on the wheel choice

Time to start Posting i have been super busy


Post this up in the name of art appreciation

Nokia - SMARTour project from elr°y on Vimeo.

Getting some new brakes on the Mustang 302

The old brakes were dangerous and hardly slowed the car.   The new brakes definitely give the confidence required from a brake pedal.   There will be many more pictures soon this is just a taste.   To compare and contrast....