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Nokia - SMARTour project from elr°y on Vimeo.

Getting some new brakes on the Mustang 302

The old brakes were dangerous and hardly slowed the car.   The new brakes definitely give the confidence required from a brake pedal.   There will be many more pictures soon this is just a taste.   To compare and contrast....

64 Mustang Restoration...Stay tuned

The Ride

1998 Honda civic Rebuild Head

So this 16v Honda Civic was in need of a rebuild
This is was the condition of the 
head before the rebuild

And After.....

Rebuilt engine finished in 1990 240sx

Old Engine


Time to rebuild a 240sx

Old School Dub Gets a new stance and a new heart

Thanks to Shane Bidney and Albert at AWD FITTED ( we had the car sitting how we wanted to give it the desired look. 
Then we got rid of the old 1.8l 8v painted the engine bay and replaced it with an 2.0 16v.

Honda EK Coupe D16y8 Headwork

We did a quick Headgasket, Timing Belt, and valve adjustment job on a 98 Honda Civic.  Car Runs excellent!